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At the Blue Quill Angler, we are pretty serious about our fishing, and we assume that you are too. That’s why, when you leave our shop, or receive your gear from an order, your fly reels and fly lines will be professionally rigged to go out and fish right out of the box. In some fly shops, your reel, backing, fly line, and leader butt connections are assembled by different employees with varying degrees of experience and knowledge. Your reel and lines may all be rigged differently, depending on who did them that particular day. Unfortunately, the guy with the better rigging skills may not always be the one assembling your gear. A trout shop may not have a lot of familiarity with heavy-duty rigging for big saltwater fish. You don’t want to go half-way around the world and lose a fish of a lifetime due to an inappropriate or poorly constructed knot. That doesn’t happen here at the Blue Quill Angler.

The Blue Quill Angler Rigging Standard
Here is what sets us apart from the other guys.
  • Every connection type is specifically selected for maximum strength and ease of use based on line weight, line type and density, and intended purpose of the outfit.
  • All fly lines seven weight and above are securely attached to the backing with our custom braided loops and Bimini Twist connections that approach 100% of each line's unique breaking strength. This juncture also allows you to quickly and easily switch fly lines on a spool without having to retie knots.
  • Monofilament butt sections attached to the front of your fly line are diameter specific to exactly match the relative stiffness of that particular line, so that you can enjoy the full advantage of your high performance fly line with the smoothest turnover of your casting loop. A perfection loop on the front of the butt section offers the option of looping different leaders on and off without tying knots.
  • Only the highest quality Dacron backing is selected, based on reel spool capacity and intended purpose, to maximize breaking strength. Gel-Spun backing is an option and we will gladly spool your reel up with this which will increase the amount of backing that we can fit on your reel. As you might guess, we have a special way of rigging this as well.

If you have any questions about rigging or have a special request please give usa call at 800-435-5353 or send us an email at