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BQA Loyalty Program
Loyalty Program Terms and Conditions

BQA Loyalty Points is a rewards program offered by Blue Quill Angler for BQA Customers. For purposes of these terms and conditions (hereinafter ''program rules'' or ''rules'') of membership, the terms ''Blue Quill Angler'' ''BQA'' ''we,'' ''us,'' and ''our'' refer to Blue Quill Angler, and the term ''the program'' refers to BQA Loyalty Points. The terms ''Member,'' ''Members,'' ''you,'' and ''your'' apply to you as a Member of BQA Loyalty Points, the term ''Account'' refers to your BQA Loyalty Points membership account, and the term ‘‘points’‘ refers to your BQA loyalty points earned after the transaction date. BQA reserves the right to amend, suspend, terminate, or change, with 30 days notice, the Terms and Conditions of the program, including but not limited to changing the points and award levels, adding or deleting partners, changing the terms for use of the award at any time, and modifying or terminating the program. BQA Loyalty Points Members do not acquire property rights in accrued points and awards. By choosing to enroll in BQA Loyalty Points, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

- Membership in the BQA Loyalty Points Program will be granted by Blue Quill Angler, through enrollment at BQA Loyalty Rewards or at our Evergreen, Colorado Retail Location. A valid email address is required to participate in the program. If you do not provide an accurate email address, your Loyalty Rewards Points redemptions cannot be emailed to you and will result in cancellation of your membership.

- Membership in the BQA Loyalty Points Program is for individual customers only. Individuals must enroll separately and may not pool or combine points with other Members. Corporations, Groups, Government Agencies and other entities may not be enrolled as Members.

- Members are limited to one account.

 - Upon enrollment, Members' accounts are active for 24 months. Members' accounts will remain active as long as the Member earns points at least once every 24 months. The Member's account expiration date will be extended 24 months from the date of the last earned Point. If a Member fails to earn a point in 24 months, the Member's account will become inactive and all points and Promotional Awards will be forfeited.
Once your points are redeemed for a gift certificate, you will have two years from redemption date to use the gift certificate or it will expire.

- BQA reserves the right to cancel the membership of any Member with no points in the Member's account or a Member who has earned no points for at least 24 consecutive months.

 - Name change requests on Loyalty accounts must be submitted in writing to BQA Loyalty Points, 1532 Bergen Parkway, Evergreen, Colorado 80439. The written request must contain the BQA Loyalty Points Member’s account number, along with photocopies of legal documentation (ex. Driver's license, marriage certificate, etc.) as well as an informal letter indicating legal name. Please note that name change requests cannot be made online.

- Points can be earned by purchasing products at our retail store or on our webstore –

- Points can only be earned by the person whose name appears in the BQA Loyalty Points account.

 - Members will not earn or accept points from other BQA Customers or BQA Loyalty Points Members. Points are only issued to the account in which the purchase was made.

- Points may not be transferred from one Member's account to another, or to a Member's estate, or as part of a settlement. Points do not have an expiration date and will continue to remain active and valid as long as the Member's account is active. A Member’s account is considered active if they have made a purchase at BQA at anytime within the prior 24 months under their account BQA account number. If a Member's account becomes inactive, all points in the account will be forfeited, leaving a zero balance in the Member’s account.

- Returns and Exchanges are subject to the deduction of points from the customers account.

 - BQA Loyalty Rewards Points are earned and deposited into the Member's account after completion of a transaction and payment has been received. The actual number of points earned for each transaction is calculated on the total of selling price of qualified products. Freight, Shipping, Handling and Tax costs do not qualify for rewards points.

 - Point have no material value and cannot be redeemed for cash. They are not transferable or usable at any business other than Blue Quill Angler. BQA Rewards Members do not acquire property rights in accrued points.

- It is against BQA Rewards rules and regulations to offer to buy or sell BQA Rewards Points or Promotional Awards via Internet auction sites or classified advertisements. Such actions may result in the termination of the Member's account, regardless of whether or not the transaction is completed.

 - In addition to BQA Rewards Points, BQA may from time to time offer ‘‘bonus’‘ points or promotional Awards, partnership programs, or promotional incentives for BQA Rewards Members' use, such as Item Promotions and seasonal incentives. Such offers are not a part of the Program’s formal award structure and may be temporary. BQA reserves the right to modify or eliminate such offers at any time.

- Points are earned at 1 point for every $1 spent. 1 Point is equivalent to $1 (You spend $100 at BQA you acquire 100 points) Points will be redeemed for a gift certificate after Member has accrued a minimum of 500 points. Gift Certificate amount is $25.00 or 5%.

- Points earned can only be applied to a separate future transaction and cannot be applied to the transaction in which the points were earned. In order to protect against fraud customers must wait 24 hours to redeem points from the time in which the points were accrued.

 - Restrictions may apply: Items already on sale, all classes, schools, destination trips, guide services and specific promotional
events may be excluded from the loyalty program are excluded from the loyalty program.