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Spend the day with veteran guide Pat Dorsey on the fabled South Platte River near Deckers to learn the nuances of catching trout during the winter.   Dorsey will begin the day with a discussion on fly selection and how to rig your rod.  Then he smoothly transitions into seasonal strategies (where to find trout during the winter), followed by learning the tactics and techniques to consistently fool trout between mid-November and mid-March. For the remainder of the day, Dorsey will help each student refine their skills.

Time: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Cost: $125.00 per person

This class is limited to 3 anglers per day. If you already have 3 anglers choose a day that works for your group and we will try and get you out with Pat.

This class does not include: guide gratuity, lunch, flies, and leaders

Open Dates:
December 3, FILLED
December 5, FILLED
December 7, FILLED
December 12, FILLED
December 17, FILLED
December 19, FILLED
December 22, Cancelled due to weather
December 30,Cancelled due to weather
January 2, Cancelled due to weather
January 3,Cancelled due to weather
January 7, FILLED
January 8, FILLED
January 14, FILLED
January 21,Open for three anglers
January 30, FILLED
February 6, Open for one angler
February 11, Open for one angler
February 25, FILLED
February 23, Open for one angler
February 27, Open for three anglers
March 1, FILLED

Updated 2/11/15 at 12:00 noon. I will update when dates are taken or a new date added. If you have 3 people we can add another date not listed. Fishing has been great and everyone has been very pleased and learning allot. Winter classes end at the end of Fevruary. 

Other dates to come in February and early March

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Hi, Pat- I just wanted to drop you a line and say "thank you" for an incredible day at Boxwood Gulch! I feel safe in saying I learned more yesterday than I have in the year since I discovered this great sport. It was fun, and an honor, to meet you. Thanks for being so generous with your time, and sharing as much of your knowledge as you could with a novice in one day! I had a blast, and hope to do it again soon! Take good care! Chris Davis