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The Rocky Mountain Fly Fishing School for Intermediate  to Advanced anglers is a two-day immersion into the science and art of fly fishing. Pat Dorsey and Kerry Caragher will be the instructors. Pat a nationally known guide and author of three books on fly fishing. He is also the head guide at the Blue Quill Angler for the past 20 years. Kerry, a Colorado Native, brings several decades of guiding and teaching experience to our students. Kerry has been guiding since 1988 and has taught thousands of beginning anglers how to get started through the Orvis 101 fly fishing schools. There are not two more experienced guides and instructors in the world who could teach this class. They are sure to take you to the next level in your fly fishing learning curve.

The curriculum of this Level 201 school is a perfect continuation of our 101 Sage Fly Fishing Class. While both courses share similar topics, the density of the material and the presentation depth of the fly fishing concepts and techniques in our Level 201 school will move your fly fishing to a capability you’ve yet to experience. For example, in addition to the unsurpassed experience and capabilities of our instructors, our second, full day of practical fishing instruction will take place in one of the Rocky Mountain’s finest “laboratories” for fly fishing—the technically challenging Cheesman Canyon section of Colorado’s South Platte River. The Blue Quill Angler is one of the few permitted guide services to be able to operate in "the Canyon".

Our First Day:
The highlights of our first day include time in the classroom and on our casting field. We will begin the day discussing such topics as why fish eat fur and feathers; some of the dozens of ways to rig a fly rod; knots that are required, and some that are nice; flies, entomological stages of trout river insects, and knowing and anticipating the fishes’ appetite; and predicting and preparing for fish movements. The points made by our instructors in each of these discussion topics will match, challenge, and add to the collective knowledge of our student fly fishers. During the presentations and discussion, our instructors solicit and encourage a conversational “give and take” with each participant.

The second half of our day will find us on our fly casting field. We will give as much private advice and encouragement as possible—and that will be considerable, with our 1:3 instructor to student ratio—for improving the fly cast. We will discuss building and improving loops, the foundation for all fly casts; the most effective ways to present and manage drag-free fly presentations; how to handle windy fishing days; adjustments required for effective streamer presentations; the Double Haul and its value to all fly casters; and any number of other intermediate to advanced fly casting techniques. The specific additional topics are based, in part, on the collective class members’ casting capabilities.

Our Second Day
We’ll spend our second day of instruction on the river, in the Cheesman Canyon section of the South Platte. There, we will learn the intricacies of reading water, for both finding fish and moving strategically and safely around the river. We’ll also discuss and practice techniques for a number of fly presentation methods, including short and long-line nymphing, efficient dry fly casting and drag reducing methods, and the best and most contemporary practices for streamer fishing. We will adjust all these methods to respond, “real time,” to the movements of insects and fish in the Canyon. Students will spend most of the day with the rod in their hands, while the coaching from our instructors is practical and moment-to-moment.

In summary, here are some of the topics covered in the Blue Quill Angler’s Sage Fly Fishing School for Intermediate Anglers, Level 201:
  • Flies, insects and their stages, and their relationships
  • The various stages of an advancing fly cast, and the timing of their practical applications
  • Choosing, using, and enjoying your gear and tackle
  • Essential, and non-essential, knots
  • Reading, listening, and watching the river
  • Putting it all together on the river
  • How to gain confidence in all these topics
  • Efficiently landing and handling fish.

The class dates for 2016 for our Level 201 class are coming soon.
  • Saturday May 21 and Sunday May 22
  • Friday June 10 and Saturday June 11
  • Friday July 8 and Saturday July 9
  • Monday August 1 and Tuesday August 2

The cost per student for this intensive course is $400.00, which includes use of a Sage fly rod, reel and Rio fly line, and flies and related terminal tackle for the river day. Lunches are included both days. A maximum of 6 students will be allowed to enroll in each class. Students must purchase a Colorado state fishing license.

As a general rule, our Level 201 class is designed for adult anglers with some fly fishing experience who have interest in growing to another level of capability. Please discuss with us your interest if you feel you do not fit that qualifying statement.

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