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The Blue Quill Angler Guide Service is the premier fly fishing guide service on the Front Range, holding more permits than any other outfitter which allows us to customize your trip to the water that is fishing the best. With our stable of veteran guides, we will provide you with a day on the water you are sure to remember. Below are the waters we hold permits to operate on.

Public Water:

Arkansas River:
With over 300 miles of river, the Arkansas River starts it journey deep in the Sawatch Mountains (highest mountain range in Colorado) and runs unobstructed until it reaches the eastern plains and a dam in the town of Pueblo.
While it’s the longest river in Colorado, this river is mostly fished from Twin Lakes to Canon City and on into Pueblo. One of the most well known hatches in the west is the Mother’s Day Caddis hatch. Late morning hatches and evening dry fly fishing are highlights of this annual hatch from Mid-April to Mid-Late May.

Terrestrials such as ants, beetles, grass hoppers, and crickets are great choices during the hot summer months of June through September. Mayflies are thick during their spring hatch of late March through mid May, while thinner during the fall hatch of mid September through early November.

The river’s spring runoff starts mid May, with peak 3,000 cfs mid June, 1,300 cfs mid July, slowly dropping into the fall months. Typically flows between 300-500 cfs from late fall through early spring. Winter months are great time to fish with consistently clear water days and great midge and Baetis hatch below Pueblo Reservoir.

Blue River:
The Blue River is nestled far enough into the mountains to give an angler a good sense of Colorado. The water coming off the bottom of Lake Dillion is extremely cold, thus fishing is better as the day progresses.

Trophy trout can be found right in the heart of Silverthorne’s Shopping district as a direct result of feeding on the Mysis Shrimp coming out of Lake Dillion dam. This prehistoric creature is said to have over ten times the amount of protein that a trout would typically see in its daily diet, so you can imagine the size of some of these fish.

As the Blue River continues to flow, it moves towards Green Mountain reservoir, and on into the Gore Range. Eagle's Nest Wilderness Area also adds a spectacular back drop to the setting. Successful hatches include PMD’s, Red Quills, Caddis, Green Drakes, Blue Wing Olives, and Midges. The river can be great for dry fly patterns into the afternoon and evening.

Chesman Canyon - South Platte:
Jim Cannon of the Blue Quill Angler states “…anytime is the right time to fish Cheesman Canyon, it can be fished all year”. The boulder-filled Cheesman Canyon section of the South Platte River is considered by many to be one of the most pristine fisheries in the world.

In 1976, it became the first section of river in Colorado to be protected with catch and release regulations. The Canyon is an unforgettable fly fishing experience. A roughly 1.5 mile hike from the parking lot to the river’s edge presents the angler with three miles of beautiful canyon with Bald Eagles a flight, a river filled with enormous boulders and superb river banks to fish. It is a perfect day trip alone, with family or fishing buddies.

This three-mile section is fished most successfully with nymphs and anglers can expect to catch large rainbows and good-sized browns within the close company of other fisherman. The Canyon is best fished on overcast days with good presentation only 2 or 3” away from the fish’s nose. It has been said “if you can catch fish in The Canyon, you can catch them anywhere”.

The best reviews from our clients come in the spring when blue-winged olives start to show themselves on a regular basis (late March through late May). Flows are perfect that time of year from 100-300 cfs”.

Clear Creek:
In 1988 when the Blue Quill opened its doors, there was very little fly fishing going on in Clear Creek. The river had suffered over one hundred years of mining pollution, channeling and chemical spills along I-70. Since 1983, Clear Creek has been a Federal Super Fund clean-up site and each year the water seems cleaner, the hatches of aquatic insects more abundant and the fishing better and better. Clear Creek is only seven miles from BQA and is home to a very high number of naturally reproducing brown trout.

Clear Creek Watershed is unique. With a mountain range of 14,000 foot peaks as its western boundary and approximately sixty linear miles of mainstream river water, it hosts a variety of natural habitats and wildlife populations. Much of Clear Creek is open to fishing from Golden all the way west to Georgetown. There are many pull-offs on HWY 6 and lots of access points on the service road that parallels I-70. Much of the river is channeled and rocky and can be a dangerous stream to fish especially during run-off though it remains a popular front range stream for kayaks and rafts.

Despite the inerrant problems with the environment, Clear Creek can be a very fun and exciting stream to fish with a stimulator or a bead head dropper. The fish are often pushed over on the edges and seem to be behind every rock. Czech nymphing techniques can also be very productive. Clear Creek is the perfect place for an afternoon or evening of fly fishing without the long drive necessary to many other spots and offers many miles of productive angling with low angling pressure.

Colorado River:
The Colorado River begins its 1450-mile journey in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, flowing through the Grand Canyon in Arizona to the Gulf of California located between the Baja Peninsula of California and the mainland of Mexico. In Colorado, as the river travels west from Rocky Mountain National Park, it convergences with the Fraser River and near the town of Hot Sulfur Springs, provides fantastic fly fishing.

Some of the river’s most popular fishing areas can be found west of Byers Canyon; places such as Paul Gilbert, Lone Buck, Parshall, Kemp-Breeze, Sun Set Ranch, Reeder’s Creek, and the Pump House to Radium stretch just to name a few. Designated as the state’s Gold Medal Water and known for its dry fly fishing, the Colorado River has excellent fishing opportunities both wading and floating.

Brown trout are healthy and there are plenty to be caught in the 12-16’ range. The rainbows are scarce but if an angler is lucky enough to land one, chances are it will be a bruiser. Not many rainbows survived the Whirling Disease epidemic but those that did tend to be serious rod benders.

Deckers - South Platte:
The area below Cheesman Canyon is the popular Deckers area where anglers enjoy easy access and plenty of opportunity to catch fish. The best fishing is from the bridge crossing to the lower boundary of the WigWam Club.

Since the Hayman Fire, Horse Creek has been running more mud than water caused by runoff accumulating through the burn site. When this is the case, fishing is typically very poor below Deckers’ bridge. But when Horse Creek clears chances are the fishing is very good downstream.

Since fishing in Deckers is hit or miss for dry fly action, nymphing is key for catching the large brown and rainbow trout. The ideal flow for Deckers is between 150-400 cfs.

Spinney Mountain Ranch aka ''Dream Stream'' - South Platte:
The winding, treeless, meadow portion of the South Platte River between Spinney and Elevenmile Reservoirs is known as the Dream Stream.

The scenery includes Pikes Peak to the east, lush grass and farmland to the north and south, and many majestic 14,000 foot peaks to the west. There are several well known hatches including in mid-May the PMD hatch, the terrestrials after three p.m. on the hottest of summer days and, in October, early morning and late night wooly buggers helping to land big brown trout and kokanee salmon.

One of the most sought after hatch on this stretch of water is the Trico hatch in mid-July when a #24 Black Spinner looks like a giant next to the natural bugs found in large clumps in the water. Pat Dorsey’s stream report states “spring and fall spawning runs from Elevenmile Reservoir are quite impressive with fish up to 12 pounds landed during a key three-four week period”. Ideal flow conditions for the Dream Stream are between 100 cfs and 250 cfs.

Williams Fork:
The Williams Fork River, aka The Fork, parallels the Blue River and is a tributary of the Colorado. It holds one of the finest populations of brown trout in the west. From the Williams Fork Dam, downstream to the Colorado River, is a two-mile stretch of fly fishing paradise.

A full thirty minute hike from the parking area to the river helps keep fishing pressure low. Anglers can catch trout with all specialties in fly fishing from nymphs to streamers to dry flies. Unfortunately, the devastation that the Whirling disease has had on the rainbow trout is very apparent. But the browns are still there in impressive numbers.

Suggestions include: Caddis, Pale Morning Duns, Red Quills, PMD’s, BWO’s, Yellow Sallies and Rusty Spinners. Ideal flows for the “Fork” are between 100-250 cfs.

Private Water:

Boxwood Gulch Ranch:
This section of the South Platte River is one of Denver’s premier fishing destinations Located only 1.5 hours drive from DIA. Winter or summer, the fishing is great! If you need a guide for an angler’s first fishing trip or a place large enough for a corporate adventure, Boxwood Gulch is the perfect location. This property owned by Dan Mauritz is managed for trophy trout fishing. The club house is located just 100 feet from the stream and has a bathroom, microwave, heated main area with tables and couches to rest on and get out of the elements if it is cold. The outside patio area is complete with tables and chairs and several BBQ grills.This is the perfect property for corporate groups od 6 or more anglers.

Over nine species of trout call these waters home including: Rainbows (50%), Browns (30%), Cuttbows (20%), Snake River Cutthroats, Brookies, the elusive Palomino Trout plus various species of Steelhead. Big flies work well and feeding can be aggressive in this stretch of water. Watch out for rising fish! With little less than one mile of private water to fish, anglers have the advantage of not bumping into other fisherman. The river usually runs 50-200 cfs, but can reach 900 cfs in June.

Water fees (rod fees) to fish this property do not include the Blue Quill Angler Guide Fees
Give us a call at 800-435-5353 to check availability and rod fees

With groups of 8 anglers or more we also try and reserve the Longmeadow property just upstream.

Long Meadow Ranch:
Long Meadow Ranch is located about 50 miles from Denver in Shawnee, Colorado and is comprised of over two miles of private trout waters along the North Fork of the South Platte River. It is just upstream from Boxwood Gulch and offers some of the finest private water fly fishing trips in the state. It is managed by Dan Mauritz, owner of Boxwood Gulch Ranch, for trophy trout fishing.

Anglers claim that Long Meadow holds some of the biggest fish around! During the summer months stimulators, green drakes, red quill, and hoppers work well while nymphs work well all year long. Long Meadow Ranch is the perfect place to catch the five fish that comprise the Colorado Grand Slam: a rainbow, cutthroat, hybrid cut-bow, brook trout and a brown.
Water fees (rod fees) to fish this property do not include the Blue Quill Angler Guide Fees
Give us a call at 800-435-5353 to check availability and rod fees

Hidden Valley Pond at Troublesome Creek:
Hidden Valley Pond is part of the Troublesome Creek property and has one of the richest aquatic environments we have ever fished. The pond is loaded with Scuds, Leeches, Damsels, Backswimmers, Callibaetis mayflies and Midges while Hoppers, Beetles and Ants can offer insane spot and stalk fishing for cruising trout.

The pond contains a mix of Rainbows, Browns, Brookies and Tiger trout with some in the 10 pound range which will test your skills to land these behemoths.

This property is perfect for anglers looking to try something different or anglers who have mobility issues wading rivers.

North Fork Guest Ranch:
The North Fork Guest Ranch is located on two miles of the North Fork of the South Platte River. It is an all-inclusive working dude ranch during the months of June, July and August. The ranch is located seven miles south of Bailey, right off Highway 285, and holds some of the best private water in Colorado.

Only an hour’s drive from Denver, the waters of North Fork Guest Ranch offer truly world-class fly fishing. Operational and fishable nearly all year long, the average fish weighs in the three-pound range and the length is between 18-22 inches. Come and experience some of the late President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s favorite trophy fishing water and chase after large steelhead, rainbow, and brown trout.
Water fees (rod fees) to fish this property do not include the Blue Quill Angler Guide Fees
Give us a call at 800-435-5353 to check availability and rod fees

North Fork Meadows:
This section of water is broken up into two pieces, the upper and the lower. Together, they provide the angler with opportunities to fish riffles, runs, shelves, pools, and pocket water. The fish are extremely healthy and, at the right time of the year, readily taking nymphs, dries, and streamers.

Predominantly, the banks are free from trees and other obstructions making it easy to keep your fies out of the bushes. In the summer, the grassy meadows are streaked with brightly colored wild flowers. The mountains reach up high all around you, adding the perfect back drop any time of year. This property is owned by North Fork Guest Ranch, where lunch is served gourmet, out of the cold, all year long.
Water fees (rod fees) to fish this property do not include the Blue Quill Angler Guide Fees
Give us a call at 800-435-5353 to check availability and rod fees

Rocky Mountain Angling Club Properties
The Rocky Mountain Angling Club offers its members exclusive access to quality catch and release fly fishing by way of arrangements with private property owners throughout the Rocky Mountains.

Members enjoy access to over 50 premier fly fishing properties in Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Montana. Gold medal fishing opportunities abound with access to over 90 miles of rivers and streams and 25 trophy-producing ponds and lakes. RMAC provides exceptional fishing on under-fished, uncrowded waters. Whether its stalking trophy browns, float tubing for Donaldson Steelhead, or casting for ravenous brookies, RMAC membership provides access to fishing opportunities never thought possible.

Fishing on RMAC properties is by reservation only on a first come, first served basis. The number of anglers on each mile of stream is limited, as we strive to provide quality, uncrowded fishing opportunities.

Troublesome Creek - Private Water
Troublesome Creek is a tributary of the Colorado River that enters the Colorado between Parshal and Kremmling. It is a small stream that had stream improvement done on it over 20 years ago, creating a diverse, natural looking stream with riffles, runs, deep holes and undercut banks meandering through rich hay meadows and willow lined banks.

It has three sections (beats) that are each over a mile in length. When you fish these private waters your group will be the only anglers on the property. Parts of the river are very challenging and require accurate casting under overhanging branches while other parts are open and easier to fish. In a days fishing you have the opportunity to catch fish on dry flies, nymphs and streamers. Hatches include Caddis, Blue Wing Olives, PMD’s, Stoneflies and Midges. Hopper fishing from mid to late summer can be off the charts!!

Trout species include Brown Trout, Rainbows, Cuttbows and Brook trout averaging between 14 and 20 inches. Larger fish up to 10 pounds have been hooked, especially when streamer fishing and can be a real challenge for anglers.

A day on Troublesome Creek is limited to three anglers so you can have the best experience possible. There is an additional private water fee for this property.