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J. has lived to fly fish since his father instilled in him the passion at an early age. Together they fished on the Gunnison and the Grand Mesa Rivers where the family owned a summer cabin. Countless days on the water led to J.’s interest in the intricacies of the sport steering him to seek out professional guiding as a way to share the pleasurable sport he has enjoyed all his life.

During his fourteen years at Blue Quill J. has had the pleasure of guiding celebrities and dignitaries and has developed an impressive client list. J.’s even-tempered and patient manner plus his devotion to guiding enables him to maximize his client’s experience making their days a fun and rewarding adventure.

(The photo shows) "A 25 pound Permit that I caught and released in Key West this last May, 2007. Capt. Matt Thomas and I tied several crab flies the previous evening. I made a cast of about 70 ft. There were two Permit tailing up on a flat, one turned on my fly and started tracking it, then the other, a little competition, I think. Both were on the fly until I had only about 10 ft. of fly line left off my rod tip. I had to kneel down to keep a lower profile, so I wouldn't spook them as they got closer. One of the Permit made a little different move so I set the hook just in case he had my fly. Off he went with the first run of about one hundred twenty-five yards, then several more in succession. The fight lasted approximately twenty minutes and we had the Permit landed and in the boat for a couple of photos. This was the second largest of all."
"I hope Jay Core can live long enough to teach me all I yet need to know."
". . . I have used Jay in the past and will continue to use him. He is an excellent guide."