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How many days can I keep the fly rod?

The maximum number of days you can keep the rod is five (5). We limit it to five (5) days so other customers can take advantage of this program

If I demo three rods for 3 days each at a total cost of $60.00, how much can I apply to the purchase of a new Sage rod?

You can apply the full amount ($60.00) minus any associated fees like the optional insurance.

I took a demo rod for 5 days and forgot to return it before the 7 day cutoff and was charged the full amount for the fly rod ($595.00) as well as two additional days at $10.00 per day. Do I have $70.00 plus the retail amount of the rod as credit toward a new rod?

Once you return the rod to us, we will refund the retail price of the rod to your card minus $10.00 per day for each day that you kept the rod. If you have the rod for a total of 15 days, you will have $150.00 in rod demo fees. We will credit your card back $445.00 from the original charge of $595.00.

You now have $150.00 credit toward the purchase of a NEW sage rod at retail price.

I want to participate in this program but do I have to purchase the optional insurance?

The optional insurance is up to you. If you want to take the rod without purchasing the insurance, you will be responsible for the $50.00 rod repair fee if any breakage occurs to the rod while in your possession.

If you purchase the optional insurance and the rod happens to break, just bring the complete rod back to us and we will cover any and all necessary repairs.

Will the five (5) dollar optional insurance cost count toward my total I can take off of a new Sage fly rod?

Unfortunately no. This is an optional purchase to cover you incase the rod is broken while in your possession and cannot be applied toward the total amount you can deduct from a Sage rod you would like to purchase.

I purchased the optional insurance and I lost the rod. Does the insurance cover this?

The optional insurance only covers breakage of the rod while in your possession. If the rod is lost or stolen while in your possession, you are responsible for replacing the rod at FULL retail price plus any associated shipping charges.

I have accrued $400.00 in demo fees with this program and I have decided to purchase a new Sage rod that cost $295.00. Can I apply the rest toward a new fly reel or fly line?

You can apply the remainder of the balance toward the purchase of any new Sage Fly Reel or RIO Fly Line. All other brands are excluded!!!!