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Eric has been fishing all his life but only took up the art of fly fishing upon his arrival in the state of Colorado some 30 years ago. He has been guiding for the Blue Quill Angler for the last ten.

When you are around Eric you will soon find out why his friends call him “The Flame Doctor”. His Hyde boat has Harley Davidson flames on the bow and he really is a doctor, an orthodontist. If you ask him why he guides, Eric’s simple reply will be “because I can”. He loves the sport and teaching the skills he has acquired over the years is his passion. It is the educator in him coming out.

Many trophy fish have been caught by Eric all over the world but his favorite place to fish is right here in Colorado. And he feels that his knowledge of orthodontics has helped lead him to many of the fly fishing skills he possesses especially in tying flies. Orvis now sells three of his patterns. He is of the philosophy that no matter what you do if you cannot put quality into it then do not do it.

Eric feels that it is easy to guide on days when the fish are biting but when the fish just are not, those are truly “fishing” days.

They are days, he believes, that an angler can have even a better fly fishing experience by learning different techniques, acquiring new skills and spending time in the out-of-doors, time that can remind him that it is not really the fish he traveled so far for in the first place. Eric feels that there is too much beauty in the world to focus solely on fish.

But Eric will put you on those fish and then use his photographic and photoshop skills to supply you with many memories. Many of the post-trip testimonials refer to the CDs that Eric sends clients which serve as a constant reminder of the wonderful time they spent on the water with this quality oriented guide.