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Jim Cannon
Jim grew up in Walla Walla, Washington and learned to fly fish and hunt at a very young age. Jim’s father was an avid out-doors-man and some of Jim’s earliest and fondest memories are of his dad carrying him on his back across the small trout streams that flow out of the Blue Mountains.

This passion for fishing that was nurtured in him by his father compelled Jim to open the Blue Quill in 1988 and he became Blue Quill's first guide.

Responsibilities as co-owner of the shop with his wife, Martha and fellow guide, Pat Dorsey, keeps Jim busy in the shop most days but he is able to get out on the river and enjoy guiding and teaching on a limited basis.

Jim is a Federation of Fly Fishing certified casting instructor and is available to our guests for casting instruction. He has helped hundreds of anglers develop a relaxed, effective and comfortable casting style.

Jim considers himself to be an all-around fly fisherman fishing nymphs, dry flies and streamers whenever the opportunities present themselves. He is also an Umpqua contract fly tier and his snowshoe rabbit flies are considered to be very effective and durable emergers and dry flies.

Passing on his love of the outdoors to his grandson, Gabriel, born February 2005 is one of Jim’s greatest pleasures and Gabriel is already requesting guided trips every Sunday afternoon. Jim is definitely agreeable.

Kerry Caraghar - Director of Fly Fishing Schools
Kerry was born in Colorado where his family has lived since the mid 1800's. His love affair with fly-fishing began at an early age when he learned to fish on the beaver ponds of Buffalo Creek, CO. near his grandfather's hotel. Summers spent fishing and storytelling on the hotel porch remain as fond childhood memories. It came as no surprise to Kerry's parents when he announced his dream of one day becoming a professional fly fisherman. These rich experiences, steeped in Colorado tradition, formed the foundation of Kerry's passion for fly-fishing for wild trout on all the South Platte drainages--a passion which remains strong today.

Kerry became an Orvis Endorsed guide and instructor in 1988. He guided for the Flyfisher in Denver, Colorado's Cherry Creek shopping district from 1988 to 2000 and The Blue Quill in Evergreen, CO in 1992 and 1993. Kerry has also guided and conducted numerous fishing schools for many of the local fly shops in Colorado. Kerry joined the Orvis Company in 2005 and in 2008 received the Fishing Manager of the year award. He has introduced thousands of people to fly fishing though the Orvis 101 program. He retired in 2015 as the Fishing Manager of the Orvis Cherry Creek store in Denver, CO. Kerry has been a presenter at the Denver International Sportsmens Show in Denver. He loves to teach beginners how to catch trout, especially kids. Kerry is know as the "Prince of the Platte"

Kerry will be handling all aspects of our Rocky Mountain Fly Fishing Schools as well as teaching our Two-Day Fly Fishing School with Pat Dorsey.

Monroe Coleman

Monroe began fishing as a boy in Nebraska going on carp fishing adventures with his grandmother. She stirred a passion in him for the outdoors and as he grew up became first a Boy Scout and, then, earned his Eagle Scout status.

In 1988, Monroe joined the staff of the Blue Quill Angler as a part-time guide, something he enjoyed so much that after he retired from Qwest Telcom in 2003, he began guiding on a full-time basis. He and his wife, Melody, have lived in Evergreen for twenty-six years and own a business there called Girlfriends Clothing.

Nicknamed “Dry or Die”, Monroe is very impressively skilled in all aspects of fly fishing especially dry fly. He has been written about in several publications such as The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide and The Rocky Mountain News.

Monroe has the ability to make big fish come up and eat dry flies even when nothing is hatching. He is also a very accomplished nymph and streamer fisherman. Anglers that have the pleasure of fishing with Monroe come back from the experience with their cheeks hurting caused by the laughter they have shared with him.

Sharing his passion for the sport is something that Monroe loves to do especially with his two granddaughters, ages nine and eleven who share his skill with dry flies. He is looking forward to the time when they will row him down the river because then his journey will be complete.

Pat Dorsey
For professional guide Pat Dorsey, fly fishing is a way of life. Pat’s enthusiasm for fly fishing is unmatched and his ability to share his knowledge with others is part of what makes Pat so unique. From the complexities of fooling large trout on tiny nymphs to dry fly fishing under the most challenging conditions, Pat loves to instruct and introduce anglers to the heart of the sport.

Pat hooked and landed his first brown trout with his father, Jim Dorsey, on the East River near Gunnison over 38 years ago. Pat’s family made annual pilgrimages to the Gunnison country fishing on the Taylor, East and Gunnison rivers. Family vacations revolved around fly fishing, the driving passion behind the Dorsey family going back to Pat’s grandfather, John T. Dorsey.

A native of Colorado, Pat has been guiding for over 20 years. He spends around two hundred days a year on the water, enjoying a unique quality of life both personally and professionally. “I am blessed to be able to make a living as a fly fishing guide and I will never lose sight of how fortunate I am to really love my job.”

In addition, Pat is Guide Director and partner in the Blue Quill Angler fly shop. He oversees and trains more than two dozen guides and helps to set the standard for integrity and professionalism in the Blue Quill Angler guide operation. Pat, also, writes the central Rocky Mountain stream report that monitors stream flows and conditions on the Blue, Colorado, South Platte (Cheesman, Deckers, Spinney Mountain Ranch, and Elevenmile Canyon), North Fork of the South Platte, and Williams Fork rivers.

Pat is proud to be a Simms Guide Ambassador. “I cannot imagine guiding without Simms apparel; their gear is simply the finest and most durable stuff available.” Pat is also a member of the Sage Fly Rods Advisory Team. “My favorite rod is the Sage TCX 9’ 5 weight. I feel confident putting this rod in my clients hands as I know we will get a quick hook-set with enough suppleness in the tip to protect light tippet.”

Pat is the Southwest Field Editor for Fly Fisherman Magazine. You can find his articles archived here. In 2005, Pat authored the book, A Fly Fishing Guide to the South Platte River, a complete how-to fly fishing manual for the entire South Platte River drainage. It encompasses a thorough look at each section of the river detailing the hatches and recommended fly patterns for each of the four seasons of the year.

Pat didn’t stop there, in 2009 he authored Fly Fishing Tailwaters, a comprehensive book on how to fish tailwater fisheries. In 2010 a companion book to Fly Fishing Tailwaters hit the shelves, Tying and Fishing Tailwater Flies, which is jam-packed with how to tie Pat’s favorite “guide flies”. This book includes 500 step-by-step tutorials, as well as, helpful tips and illustrations on how to rig and fish them.

Pat is an accomplished fly tier and has originated a number of very effective patterns such as the Mercury series, UV scud, Limeade, Cherry-Limeade, Paper Tiger, Top Secret Midge, Medallion Midge and the famed Black Beauty. Although Pat no longer has the time to tie flies commercially, he once produced over 28,000 flies in a year. Pat is a fly designer for Umpqua Feather Merchants. Pat’s signature flies are available at the Blue Quill Angler.

Another one of Pat’s interests is photography. He produces many digital slide presentations used in his speaking engagements at fishing clubs throughout the United States. He is a Celebrity Speaker for the International Sportsmen’s Exposition in Denver and is very active in Trout Unlimited and the conservation of cold-water fisheries.

Pat is the proud father of three wonderful boys, Forrest, Zach, and Hunter. He also has two step children, Nicole and Michael Richardson. They, like their dad, enjoy fly fishing. Pat’s wife, Kim, is an avid angler and often appears with Pat at trade shows and other speaking engagements. Kim and Pat, also, host a yearly trip to Alaska Sportman’s Lodge each September.

Bob Dye
Bob Dye is a Colorado native with two passions in life, his family and fishing.  Bob is an Orvis Endorsed Guide who spends over 200 days a year on the water guiding for the Blue Quill and just fishing for fun.  Bob has been guideing in Colorado and Wyoming for over 12 years and has developed a proffesional, enthusiastic and successful approach to fishing guaranteed to make the fly fishing experience a memorable one for his guests. Bob's is currently writing a book on the Colorado that will be out in 2016 and Published by Stackpole books. Bob's knowledge of fishing the Colorado is unparalleled. If you have not been out with Bob on the Colorado River you are missing a real treat. Bob also fishes the private water on Troublesome Creek, Cheesman Canyon, the Dream Stream below spinney Spinney and the Blue River.

Bob uses his private time on the water satisfying hos own passion for fly fishing, learning new techniques and adapting those techniques to his own versions of proven fly patterns so that he can provide the most pleasurable and educational experience for his clients. Bob adapts his methods to the client's needs and expectations regardless of their level of expertise. Bob at 6 foot six puts a lot of use on his waders and boots and was chosen by SIMMS to be a  a SIMMS AMBASSADOR, putting their waders and boots to the maximum test!

Bob has ignited in his son Taylor, daughter Morgan and his wife Deb their own passion for fishing.  As a result of Bob's efforts, they have become enthusiastic participants in the fly fishing experience. Bob brings that same passion and enthusiasm to the river for his clients and makes each guided trip a special event that will provide a level of satisfaction and accomplishment seldom experienced anywhere else.

Mike Goldblatt
Mike moved to Colorado in 1976 at the age of twenty and soon discovered fly fishing. Ever since he has been fly fishing all over Colorado and the west. He founded the local Evergreen company LAM Tree Service in 1978. Mike was one of the first customers when the Blue Quill opened in 1988. Jim Cannon, Blue Quill owner, and Mike had a standing joke over the years that when Mike retired he would come guide at the Blue Quill. The joke turned into reality in 2012 when Mike retired from LAM Tree Service and joined the team at Blue Quill Angler.

Mike has spent much of his time over the past thirty plus years fly fishing on the South Platte, Arkansas, Colorado, and most every river system in Colorado. He has also honed his fly fishing skills chasing brown trout on the South Island of New Zealand, bonefish in the Yucatan and other exotic places, but Mike says he is most in his element on Rocky Mountain trout streams.

Mike is on the Board of Directors of Evergreen Trout Unlimited. He says that he feels it is his duty and privilege to give back to the resource that he so enjoys. With over three decades in the sport, a day on the river with Mike will be a learning experience as well as a fun day with Mike’s enthusiasm for fly fishing.

John Keefover
John Keefover is a Colorado native who’s been fly fishing since he was 14. Growing up near Pine, the South Platte naturally became (and still is) his home water. He likes to joke that he was educated at Deckers College, got his Masters at the Dream Stream Institute, and his Ph.D. at the University of Cheesman Canyon. He has been guiding professionally through the Blue Quill Angler in Evergreen since 2005, with mentors like Pat Dorsey and other great Quill guides.

John spends over 200 days a year on the water, pursuing the art and science of deceiving trout. “It’s all about time on the water,” he says. “If I’m not guiding, I’m still out there doing what I call research and development.” He logs all his trips in terms of weather, stream flows, hatches, and hot flies, always keeping a finger on what’s going on throughout the season. This data-based discipline may be what gives him his uncanny knack for what’s going to work, where and when. Perhaps his most distinctive quality as a guide is keeping the focus on the client. “It’s not about how good a fisherman I am, but putting my guests in a good place with the confidence to succeed.” He prides himself in his preparation and attention to detail – his client’s skill level, needs, expectations, and what they want to learn, in order to deliver the best fly fishing experience possible.

Gary Okizaki
Gary Okizaki has been a guide for the Blue Quill Angler for seven years and brings a wealth of experience to his clients. He teaches the Saturday “free” Introductory Fly Fishing seminars and enjoys the camaraderie he has with his students. A Denver native, he started fishing with his father at age six. Some fifty years later, he has fished much that Colorado has to offer and is fortunate to have fished and learned from some of the best fly fishermen and casters in the United States. Gary especially enjoys Czech or Polish nymphing and when guiding and teaching, he shares his skills in those areas.

Gary has demonstrated his tying skills for the West Denver Trout Unlimited Fly Tying Clinic and has been a featured casting demonstrator and instructor for the Orvis owned stores in Colorado. His seminars include Czech and Polish nymphing techniques, leader construction and knot tying.

When a hatch occurs, Gary may well be the first to tie on a dry fly but he is also a wet fly enthusiast. Dry fly fishing allows Gary to demonstrate and teach his casting techniques to his clients. His knowledge of nymphing, streamer, wet fly and dry fly fishing, combined with his humor and a respect for nature make him a complete guide.

Steve Parrott
Although guiding is no longer on the front burner for Steve, he will still be seen on the river from time to time teaching Euro Nymphing Clinics. His knowledge of trout and trout fishing is outstanding. With over fifteen years of guiding experience all over the globe, Steve has built an incredible following of clientel.

His patience, understanding and teaching ability of this wonderful sport of fly fishing have helped him to make his mark in the industry. BQA is truly blessed to have Steve on board.

Steve is a former member of Fly Fishing Team USA and founder of the Colorado Fly Fishing Team, a regional team that fields anglers for the US Team.

John ''JP'' Perizzolo
''JP" is a second generation Colorado Flyfisherman. With over 50 years of flyfishing experience, he has developed a simple, analytical approach to catching fish that will benefit both novice and experienced anglers alike. He grew up fishing Waterton Canyon, Cheesman Canyon and other public stretches of the South Fork of the South Platte. When he is not guiding for the Blue Quill, you will probably find him chasing big fish on a South Park Reservoir, float fishing a west slope river in his drift boat or wading other favorite waters. During the fall and winter he will be guiding bird hunters and hunting upland game and waterfowl over his national caliber Labrador Retrievers. Fishing, hunting and guiding aren't just hobbies with "jp", they are his lifestyle, his passions, and he tries to learn something new, or teach something new, every time he goes out.

Peter Ryan
It is the complex, and often challenging, balance between nature and person; its beauty; as well as a persistent desire to distill those complexities that have driven Peter’s obsession with fly-fishing. An unyielding need to have others experience similar moments of connection with nature drives Peter’s passion for guiding and his devotion to sharing his experiences and knowledge with others.

Peter grew up spin fishing the lakes, ponds and streams of New England. He moved to Colorado in 1993 and about a year later, hooked and landed his first trout on a fly rod…its been fly fishing ever since. He spent the remainder of the 90’s fishing The Big Thompson River, Indian Peaks Wilderness, as well as The St. Vrain and surrounding Front Range watersheds. Catching wild trout in high mountain lakes and streams made the move to California that much more difficult. However… Degrees from UCLA and UC Berkeley in Geotechnical/Earthquake Engineering, along with working as a licensed Civil Engineer, have served Peter’s academic and analytical approach to solving the “problem” of catching selective trout. “Every moment is a chance to learn something new, a wealth of information; and I take nothing for granted.”

Peter’s time as a practicing engineer, and the moments reflecting back, only deepen his appreciation and gratitude for being able to have the opportunity to work with The Blue Quill Angler and make fly-fishing his career and to now have a life that he truly loves. “I finally feel at home at the Blue Quill, like family.”

Swiftwater rescue training; courses in hydrology, fluid and thermo dynamics along with years as a class V whitewater kayaker have benefited Peter’s appreciation and understanding of the river’s journey: from a mountain’s peak to the crashing waves of the ocean. All of this has provided him a perspective deep below the surface and, in many ways, an even deeper comprehension of a fish’s lies.

For Peter, fly-fishing is a nonstop pursuit. On the river and off the river, Peter is blessed to be able to make a life of fly-fishing. His absolute aim, on each river he guides, is to “crack the code” and there is little reward greater than fooling a selective trout on an original fly imitation, often tied the night before.

“There is no moment where I am not incredibly grateful to work with and be surrounded by the most intelligent, generous and accomplished trout fisherman and guides in the world and finally feel at home. Thank you. I look forward to meeting you.”

Cody Scott
Cody is a Colorado native who was born in Denver and raised just below Mt. Evans in Evergreen. While most of his childhood was spent running around the woods with his two brothers and a malamute named Casey, fishing was always his true calling. He was hooked from the first time he visited the water with his Snoopy fishing pole and a can of worms.

The majority of his fishing took place at a lake house in northern Wisconsin, chasing bluegill and largemouth bass. “I still look back at all the great times I had when my Grandpa would take my brothers and I to dig up worms and then go out on the rowboat and catch more bluegill than one could ever count. Most of the time, all we had was a 9 foot bamboo pole with a 10 foot section of monofilament tied to the tip. No reel necessary, just a hooked worm and a bobber.”

At the age of fourteen, Cody was introduced to fly fishing by taking a job at a fly shop, at the time, just for some money. He quickly discovered how passionate he was for the sport. Over the next nine years he spent every possible moment on the river with a couple friends from high school, in which became a group that trout tremble over. “We all fished together most days of the week, which gave strong meaning to the term ‘the bug.’ When the bug bites, it’s best to let him eat!” They started out all fishing our local streams, Bear Creek and Clear Creek. It was only a matter of time until they began stalking the pickiest trout around the state of Colorado to find the one they couldn’t catch! Then they did whatever it would take to catch it, sharpening their skills with every moment spent on the river together.

Cody began working at The Blue Quill Angler in April 2008 and is there on a full-time basis. He is always ready to provide any information he can to help fellow anglers find and feed “their bug.”

“I figured since I needed a job, but all I wanted to do is fish, I might as well work at a fly shop. I jumped on an opportunity to work at The Blue Quill Angler and discovered that it is a great environment for a trout bum to work in. I like being able to interact with so many fly fishers. Not only do I get the chance to share my passion and knowledge of fly fishing, but I learn more and more every day from all of my fellow anglers.”

“Releasing a fish is your gift to another angler, and could have been a similar gift to you.”

Joe Shafer
Joe Safer was born and raised in Colorado. He was taught to fly fish at the young age of five by his grandmother at their family cabin on South Boulder Creek. He has a fierce passion for fly fishing and really enjoys teaching beginners the wonderful sport. Joe noted, " there's nothing more rewarding than seeing an angler catch their first trout on a fly". Joe's sense of humor combined with his outgoing personality really makes for a fun day on or off the river.

Joe loves fly fishing for pike, bass, carp, salmon, and trout. You may fund him on any body of water that has fish in it. When not working, you will find Joe fishing with his best friend and fellow Blue Quill guide Jerry or spending time with his wife Cindy, and his two daughters Delaney and Ella.

Chris Steinbeck
Chris Steinbeck was raised in Littleton, CO with a fishing rod in one hand, and a baseball glove in the other. "My favorite memories of my childhood are 'tied' to fishing with my Dad. He would take me fishing all over; from fishing for sharks in the San Francisco Bay, to trout in Waterton Canyon. That's where my passion started, and how I became obsessed with fishing"

Chris started fly-fishing when he was 10, and had his first vice when he was 12. "Once I started tying flies, my passion took off! I was constantly tying up new flies to fish at Deckers. In fact, I can still tell you the exact spot at Deckers where I caught my first fish on a fly I tied". Chris spent the majority of his time fishing locally in his 'home river', the South Platte in Cheesman Canyon and Deckers. He also made annual trips with his best friend to the San Juan River in NM, and up at the Miracle Mile in Wyoming.

Chris went to college and played baseball at Regis University in Denver, CO. After graduating with his BA in Marketing and Management in 2010, Chris started with the Blue Quill. "I consider myself extremely lucky to look out my office window, and see a beautiful 16-inch 'Bow slurp a BWO off the surface. I'm following my passion as a full-time guide, and I get to learn from the best there is in Pat, Bob, Jim and the rest of the guides at the Blue Quill. There is absolutely nothing else I'd rather be doing, and nowhere else I'd rather be standing, than in a river".

Jerry Vigil

In his free time, Jerry loves fly tying and fly fishing with his best friend and fellow BQA guide, Joe. His favorite place to fish is the “Dream Stream” section of the South Platte River. But you may see “V” on just about any stream in Colorado or for that matter practicing his casting at the neighborhood pool. Jerry also enjoys just hanging out with his two wonderful sons, Jerry, Jr. and Michael.