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This is the ultimate Hi-Vis Leader from Umpqua. This 10 foot leader is the only one of the market to feature a vivid NEON RED section integrated into the taper. The first 36 inches of butt section is a matte-milky color for maximum constrast. The next 24 inch section features a Hi-Vis NEON RED Indicator section. These two colors combine to offer the highest visual color contract and vibrancy of any indicator leader, and a bright visual separation between butt and tippet sections.
  • Great for high sticking or Euro nymphing
  • Depth control is visually calibrated with the raising and lowering of the red indicator section which is 5 feet above your fly
  • Great visual indicator for following the leader/fly while either indicator nymphing or dry fly fishing
  • The RED HOT is like a ''gun sight'' for tracking the fly in slow or stillwaters

Comment by CharlieinNeedham - April 03 2014 @ 01:03 AM

The thick butt section helps turn over your weighted nymphs. The bright red section is easier to see than the comparable Rio leader. Great leader for European Nymphing - you can add additional sighter tippet or a tippet ring and tippet if desired.

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Comment by William Defayette - December 22 2013 @ 01:44 AM

Great leader- no need to modify unless you want to add a dropper. great vis- strong. Have been using the same one for 6 trip so far. I did use a tippit ring the first couple of times out but switched to surg knot. now my go to!!

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