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A fly line specifically developed for the European Nymphing Methods by RIO Products and Steve Parrott.

This thin diameter fly line will increase strike detection due to the low stretch core and the reduction of slack between the guides as well as at the rod tip.  The semi-supple yet slightly rough coating will give you total line control, even when wet. 

It's inception was out of frustration at the offerings in today's market that would work, but were not ideal for the European Methods.  The idea is a fly line that acts like a leader, yet cast like a fly line.  The thin diameter combined with the low stretch core and supple outer coating provide superb sensitivity which translates into increased strike detection.  The line stays straight in the guides and almost hovers out of the rod tip, reducing almost all the slack that traditional lines create due to their tapers.

This is not a ''traditional'' weight forward or double taper fly line, it is a European Nymphing specific fly line that will change the way you fish these methods.  If you have a dedicated European Nymphing set-up, you owe it to yourself to try this line, it will change the game!!!!!

**This fly line was designed to work across all the line weights (2-5) as you are not relying on the weight of the fly line to load the rod but rather the supple tips found on the European specific rods and the weight of the flies.**  

Read more on the development of this line and why it will change the way you fish the European Nymphing Methods!!!! 

Line Specifications:

  • Length - 79'/24m
  • Taper - Modified Double Taper
  • Diameter - .023''(tip); .026''(middle)
  • Core - Low Stretch 12lb Core
  • Color - Moss with a 10'' Hi-Vis tip with ''micro'' welded loops on both ends. If you want to splice your leader into the core, just clip one loop off. 

Comment by Chris Martin - May 21 2015 @ 01:21 PM

Excellent !!eliminates the need for long butt sections. I have been using this 9-10' level type leader . sighter, 4x to 6x. And been hammering them. Casts like butter and line holds tight with no droop. Simplify, simplify my brothers

User Rating:     

Comment by Mike - October 09 2014 @ 0-1:19 AM

Have tried other lines with the Euro nymph method, but this wins out in several areas. Very light so allows the nymphs to sink quickly without pulling them through the water too fast. Enough weight in the line to make casting easy, but not spook fish if the line hits the water. The orange tip is a bonus for visibility, and has the versatility to be as a dry line if a fish starts rising in front of you. Just clip of the nymphs and on with a dry. You can't do that with the 20' leader method.

User Rating:     

Comment by Steve Maze - August 26 2014 @ 07:15 AM

Great stuff, exactly as advertised if not better. Tight line and suspension rig, it does it all. The loop at the end is great and allowes you to quickly swap out diffrent leaders to suit diffrent conditions.

User Rating:     

Comment by Michael - August 12 2014 @ 02:34 AM

Is this line worth buying for a recreational (rather than competitive) euro nymph fisherman like me? I really think it is. I have used it in tailgaters and small mountain streams, both Czech and French styles and I have found it very easy to present heavy and light rigs on target. No tangles around the rod tip, and even with a couple of rod lengths out fishing the far edge of a slot, it is relatively easy to detect takes. The welded loop is tiny - you can't get a heavy mono loop through it, so it would be hard to attach a tapered leader loop to loop. Friends who have tried it liked it enough to order their own!

User Rating:     

Comment by jim cannon - January 08 2014 @ 01:43 AM

I got an ESN 11 foot 3 weight and Steve's Line. The first hour my casts were wild and off base. Gradually I learned to control the cast, the drift, find the bottom and detect the strike. I really like the straight connection the line gives with no sag. From the rod tip to the flies I always feel in touch with my flies. Each cast gives me information on the speed of the water and the bottom and it is very easy to detect a strike. This is too deadly.

User Rating:     

Comment by Aaron Laing - December 15 2013 @ 02:15 AM

I've been a comp angler since 2008. I laugh now at my early efforts at nymphing presentations. I've run through the gamut of line and leader set ups from Polish to Spanish and everything in between. Prior to purchasing this line I was locked in to using a 30' modified french leader, but with proposed changes to the rules around leader length I began casting about for a line that would minimize sag for distance presentations with a leader under 20' in length. This line does the job and does it very well. Not too stiff or too soft. Perfect for short and long line presentations. A must have.

User Rating:     

Comment by JDSmith - October 18 2013 @ 06:02 PM

Fantastic line! It really does back up the claims. Super light, thin, and sensitive. I really appreciate that it doesn't sag into the water when a fish pulls it across the river. It stays high and dry and does not drag in the water. It's the best Euro and tight line nymphing line that I've tried. Used with a hybrid leader I can fish in close and if needed just strip out some line to touch way out there and still keep the line tight, ahead of the drift and out of the water. Good stuff!

User Rating:     

Comment by Robert - September 10 2013 @ 05:45 AM

Great line!!!! Very sensitive. I can use more delicate fluorocarbon and smaller nymphs. I had much more fish when I used it for the first time.

User Rating:     

Comment by John M Anderson - September 03 2013 @ 05:50 AM

I am a competitive fly fisherman that utilizes mostly Czech Nymphing in comps. I have never used a dedicated nymph line before and I tell you what...what a game changer!! The line has very little sag in your guides. Doesn't slide back down when you have most of the line back in and strike detection is phenomenal!! Do to new Fips Mouche rules for the coming season (shorter leader lengths) this line is an absolute must!! Turns over like no other line I have used! Highly recommend!!

User Rating:     

Comment by RandySeller - August 29 2013 @ 12:14 AM

Absolutely phenominal line!! As a new competitive enthusiast, strike detection is paramount. This line handles all aspects of Euro nymphing brilliantly. I really like how the line doesn't slip back through the guides creating "sag", and how it can handle a nymph rig, as well as dry/dropper. AWESOME line!!! Highly recommend it!

User Rating:     

Comment by Dave Smith - August 28 2013 @ 01:09 PM

Great line. With the change in competition rules, long leaders of colored mono are now out-lawed. I was recommend this line and it's fantastic. Has qualities of mono (low mass, thin, colored "sighter") but has some distinct advantages over mono. Under rainy/ wet conditions mono has likes to stick to the rod, making casting/ line management near impossible. This line slides through the guides easily and doesn't stick to the rod. Highly recommend it.

User Rating:     

Comment by Alain C. M. Barthelemy - August 06 2013 @ 05:45 AM

This line functions as advertised as the perfect complement to a modern, tactical tight line nymphing rig, like the ones employed in the European methods. With a proper terminal leader, the line also enables effective micro dry fly presentations. The line effectively takes the place of long, limp monofilament leaders, enabling the angler to fish the methods using either traditional or level leaders. The line's core is extremely limp, like wet 12lb backing. The line's finish is designed to slightly "grip" the fly rod's guides, so that the angler maintains perfect contact with the terminal end. You will find that the line stays straight in the rod guides and possesses little mass, so that when fishing at a distance, the line's mass doesn't pull the flies back towards you. The tip of the fly line is an extraordinarily bright fluorescent orange and is easy to see, even in low light. One end of the fly line has an extremely slim welded loop, while the other is level, in case you wish to employ other leader connection (no knot) methods. This product will increase your onstream fish-catching and overall productivity. Get one now! I have two! Thank you for considering my comments.

User Rating:     

Comment by JimHopkins - July 32 2013 @ 01:03 PM

Perfect, absolutely perfect for Euro Nymphing. I could not believe how nicely this line handled, not just in fishing my nymphs, but in playing a fish. You guys hit a home run with this!

User Rating:     

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