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Sage - Redington - RIO SALE!!!

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YES!!!! Sweep 3 Lake Lines in the US!!!!

You will not find this line at any other Airflo dealer in the United States. The highly sought after Sixth Sense DI3 Sweep lines are available here so you no longer have to pay a ton of shipping to get them from the UK!!!!

With a faster sinking belly and slower sinking tip and running line, this range of Sinking flylines follows a U shaped path through the water column.

The diving action of your flies getting pulled downwards by the belly make an attractive movement and the steeper angle at the end of the retrieve gives an almost vertical when you using faster sinking models making them absolutely perfect for fishing ’Strip & hang’ techniques.

  • Color - Olive Green
  • Core - Low Stretch (6%) Braided Power Core
  • Sink Rate - Tip - 2 ips/Belly - 3 ips

Comment by Frank Eubank - November 12 2014 @ 04:43 PM

This line is amazing...not only is it somewhat difficult to find, but BlueQuill had it in stock along with other line weights and sink rates. This is a progressive line for tournament/professional fly fishers that need maximize/optimize every cast and opportunity on the water. Great stuff!

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