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This is a really cool indicator and super sensitive. It is perfect for super selective fish using smaller nymphs in shallow water. The coils will provide a little stretch so the fish will not feel tension on the take, allowing you time to set the hook before the fish spits it out. Extremely easy to see.Color : Two Tone Red/Yellow

We like to add this to a 7 ½ - 2x leader and for smaller streams, a 9’-2X leader for medium sized streams and a 12’ 3X leader for large Western rivers. Just connect the leader to the indicator via loop-to-loop and then add a section of 5X, 6X or 7X tippet two and 1/2 times the depth of the water you are planning to fish. As a general rule, this section including the dropper tag needs to be at a minimum 5 feet from the coiled sighter to fish effectively.

It is best if you will rig the flies off of dropper tags like you do with Czech nymphs. This will enable the flies to move around freely in the water. This indicator is also great for Stillwater. Just grease the coils with a silicone paste like Mucilin and it will float on the surface. When a fish takes your fly, this indicator will start to stretch out and the fish has no idea that he has eaten your fly. Simply lift the rod and set the hook. This indicator is super fun to fish and very interactive!

Comment by Rob Dyni - November 05 2014 @ 05:43 AM

This product is very easy to see on the water, much to my surprise. I've never tried sighters before, and I was a bit skeptical that this would be a good alternative to small "thingamabobber" type strike indicators. I've played with a variety of locations for the curl - near the fly line, midway down my leader, etc. I personally like placing it on a short leader butt just off the fly line and just a length of tippet on the other side of the curl, with the length of tippet appropriate to water depth.

User Rating:     

Comment by Michael - August 12 2014 @ 02:41 AM

This is the first year I have tried French nymphing and this indicator has been a delight. I think it might be the best purchase I have made all year. It comes with small perfection loops already tied on each end, in a protective tube, and it is very resilient. I have used the same one all season and it is still going strong. There are some light conditions which make it hard to see (low light with bad reflections). Might be nice to have a fluoro green or gold option?

User Rating:     

Comment by Mark Yabut - February 19 2014 @ 03:13 AM

Perfect. Just what I wanted - pre-looped and ready to go. Even came shipped in a protective tube!

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Comment by Robert Hoffman - June 04 2013 @ 05:12 AM

Great product, buy the 2 pack! Great product and service! Thanks! Bob

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