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There are few things I enjoy more than watching a trout rise off the bottom of a stream bed to crash a big dry fly on the surface, and judging by the vast numbers of fly fishermen who race around the West trying to find green drake and salmonfly hatches, I'm not alone. When the farmers cut the wheat in North Park along the North Platte or any other river (usually sometime in July) these gigantic morsels are a prime target for feeding trout. But this hopper pattern may also be taken for a stonefly or salmonfly, which are active as early as late April. Try drifting this big boy along the banks early in the season when the snow melt begins its descent from the high country. Use the VW Hopper as an indicator while you're nymphing, and you'll be surprised by how many fish will skip the subsurface appetizer in favor of big meal on the surface.