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The Zenith series of rods uses the amazing properties of Hardy & Greys SINTRIX material in an ultra-advanced, four-section design to produce a range of rods that are user-friendly yet high performance.

SINTRIX rods have an incredible strength to weight ratio and come fitted with titanium line guide and deep anodised reel fittings.

  • SINTRIX Technology - up to a 60% increase in compressive strength.
  • Incredible strength to weight ratio.
  • High performance, fast action design.
  • Top of the line Titanium guides from REC and Fuji.
  • Deep anodised reel fitting
  • Maple burlwood spacer

More on Hardy SINTRIX Technology:
SINTRIX™ is the trade-marked brand name for Hardy & Greys most advanced composite rod material. All SINTRIX™ products utilise a 3M matrix resin. The specific mix of material used for SINTRIX™ is exclusive, and therefore unique, to Hardy & Greys Ltd.

When we launched the first SINTRIX technology rods in 2010, some people were sceptical. How will the claims of improved technology translate into fishing rods? Is it just hype?

We now have a range of fly rods that have won accolades from the press, competition anglers, professional guides, and of course the hundreds of other anglers out there enjoying their sport with these rods.

The improved strength/reduced weight was the headline for the technology, but the rods shine for a different reason—they’re an absolute joy to fish with. The rods feel feather light in hand and can control and manipulate a fly line a short range, and can also deliver a long cast or pressure a strong fish in a tight situation.

SINTRIX™ is carbon fibre held together with a resin impregnated with silica nano spheres. This technology is brand new and produces a material that is significantly stronger and potentially lighter than traditional carbon fibre.

There are two key advantages provided by silica nano spheres. First is the even distribution of the nano spheres throughout the resin providing equality of strength throughout the blank leading to crisp and clean rod actions. The second advantage is that silica nano spheres resist compression forces better than any other known material. This results in a fishing rod that is at least 60% stronger than a standard carbon fibre rod without interfering with the action. The improved compression characteristic also greatly improves impact resistance and durability.

Because SINTRIX™ material is stronger, in some cases less material is required and thus a rod can be lighter than an equivalent carbon fibre model. Weight savings of upto 30% are possible.

SINTRIX™ is significantly different and better than carbon nano tube materials currently in use with other manufacturers. Carbon nano tubes do not distribute evenly within resins and are prone to conglomeration. This creates adjacent areas of strength and relative weakness leading to failure. Hardy & Greys have extensively trialed nano tube technology rejecting it for its only marginal improvements and considerable inconsistency.