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The perfect choice for anglers who love to fish dry flies yet want a rod that will battle the windy conditions found on the Spring Creeks here in the West! 

Super smooth casting rod that almost feels like a fiberglass rod yet built with Sage's Konetic Technology that enables this rod to deliver a fly with pin-point accuracy as well as land that lunker who surprised you!!!!

The Sage Circa will take you back in time, delivering a slow action rod that is a true joy to fish.

Sage CIRCA - Fly Fishing with Advanced, Slow-Action Performance. from Sol Duc Buck on Vimeo.

Comment by Jim Stinnett - September 30 2015 @ 09:06 AM

Review of Sage Circa 589 Fly Rod This past spring I updated all my fishing gear for the first time in 30 years and purchased the Sage "One" 9 foot for a four weight line. I am thrilled with this rod. The new technology is so impressive when it can be felt on the stream. But, this review is not about the incredible "One" rod. After a full summer of fishing with my new "One," and catching bigger trout than I have caught since childhood, I decided that I had to own another Sage beauty - "Circa". Growing up in the late '60s and '70s I had experienced learning to fly fish with Fenwick rods, as this was the best rod available to a country boy who only shopped for fishing gear at the big PayLess Department store. In 1984, my brother, Bill, and I splurged and bought matching Sage Rods. Incredible! Well, after diligently studying all the new model rods listed on the Sage website, and of course loving all the cool videos, the "Circa" rod spoke to me. I too remember the smooth action fiberglass rods from my youth. The first rod I owned was a Fenwick 8-footer for a six weight line in 1969. I cannot be more pleased with my new Circa 589. I just returned from my first fishing trip using the Circa. I caught and released over twenty native landlocked Atlantic Salmon in Northern Maine. Every single one of these fish, and the ones I did not land, jumped high, often multiple times after I set the hook. I casted weighted nymphs with dropper emerges, with big strike indicators, and added split shot. I threw streamers with added weight - sometimes with a second dropper streamer. The rod performed like a champ! A two time Champ!! One particular hook jawed salmon, after I put the metal to him, took off like a freight train heading straight down stream for Moosehead Lake. I was sure I had hooked a 10 pounder! My jubilance turned to horror when this fish got into my backing in a minute. I cinched down my drag and headed down river after my prize. With a little beyond the 90 feet of my fly line lying on the water, I saw the little engine that could flopping on the surface. I coaxed him over the a small side of dead water and reeled myself to him. He was 20 inches long, but had been hooked in the tail - hence his immense power. The pertinent part here is that my "little" Circa was bent double the entire time! I actually thought my new beautiful rod was going to break numerous times, as the fish would catch a rapid and surge on. At one point durning the 12-14 minute battle, I did consider breaking off the line to save my rod. But, what better way to "break in" my new Circa, than on a good Atlantic Salmon. I landed this fish, and we both sat and recovered our strength for some time. Long after he swam merrily away I was still panting and nursing my aching wrist. The final score: fish = alive, Circa = survived, fisherman = in heaven :)

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