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Now you can own both of Steve Parrott's highly acclaimed Czech/European Nymphing DVD's that are sure to have you fishing the European Methods like a Pro!!!

About Czech Nymphing 101 & Related European Methods:

This DVD is a great way to learn the basic knowledge needed to get started fishing the European Nymphing Methods.  It is the culmination of over 12 years of research and experience through competitions and resources here in the United States and abroad. Steve has brought all of these elements together in this DVD that is sure to become an incredible reference for European Nymphing Methods.

  • All 4 methods covered - Czech, French, Polish and Spanish
  • Approaching the River
  • Effective waters for each method
  • Casting techniques for each method
  • Line Control
  • Strike Detection - incorporating indicators
  • Hook Set
  • Leader Set-up for Czech, French, Polish and Spanish
  • Fly Tying Bonus - 4 proven patterns with step-by-step instruction and recipes
  • Total Run Time - 146 minutes

About Czech Nymphing Master Class : On-Stream Tactics for Success

Czech Nymphing Master Class : On-Stream Tactics for Success, Steve's second DVD in this European Nymphing Series gives you an on-stream river clinic on how to effectively use the Czech, French and Spanish Nymphing Methods. Master angler, Steve Parrott shows you how to read constantly changing river conditions and how to match the water with the method. In this on-stream class, Steve shares the tricks of the trade that will help even the most seasoned anglers find new opportunities in overlooked water.

Czech Nymphing Master Class : On-Stream Tactics for Success covers:

  • Reading and managing the water – how the currents are flowing and how to adjust fishing technique to take full advantage of conditions.
  • Drift/Leading strategies – how to adjust rod tip path and speed to ensure most effective drift
  • Casting strategies – Changing rod planes and casting angles to get your flies into those impossible places
  • Selecting flies – how to choose the right fly based on method and water conditions.
  • Putting it all together – how to position your body to cover a run and how to set up your fly box for efficiency.

  • This Master Class is the perfect companion to ''Czech Nymphing 101 & Related European Methods'' to build your on-water skills and truly master European Nymphing Techniques.

    Comment by Shane Palmer - December 03 2014 @ 05:44 AM

    These dvds were one of the best learning aids for me to use to cut down the learning curve on czech and all of the techniques covered. Plus the customer service was great.

    User Rating:     

    Comment by CharlieinNeedham - April 03 2014 @ 12:57 AM

    Steve does a great job introducing European Nymphing in the 101 video, then showing how to use the techniques fishing in the Master Class Video. Blue Quill Angler is THE online/brick and mortar store for European nymphing information and equipment. I love that Steve offers his three Czech nymphing leaders and innovative fly line he helped develop, as well as listing the weights for many of their nymphs. This allowed me to go from the videos to using the information on a recent weeklong fishing trip to Montana, and have great fishing despite the Skwala hatch being delayed by the cold weather. Check out all their fabulous learning videos. Don't miss being able to see Steve Parrott's 3/15/14 Eruopean Nymphing Lecture at

    User Rating:     

    Comment by Jack Bragger - April 02 2014 @ 04:16 AM

    Excellent set of DVDs.

    User Rating:     

    Comment by Ben Danek - August 20 2013 @ 05:44 AM

    I have both DVDS and both are outstandingly educational and very informative. The 101 DVD will give you a strong base in the general techniques and and leader set-ups for each European method. While the Master Class DVD builds upon that base and show where and how those particular techniques become most fruitful. Overall after watching these DVDs I feel more confident in my technique and approach when heading out to Czech nymph. Great videos for those interested in getting into some of the effective European nymphing techniques.

    User Rating:     

    Comment by Andrew Higgins - July 14 2013 @ 01:21 AM

    Great videos! Czech Nymphing 101 is a wonderful introduction to all styles of euronymphing. Steven shows you how to practice them, how to tie flies for them, and how to construct leaders. As good as Nymphing 101 is, Master Class is the best video I've seen on fly fishing. Steve patiently shows you how to read and find fish in all kinds of water. Really both of these are must-have videos if you're interested in Euronymphing. I've seen a lot of videos, and watched pretty much anything on Euronymphing available for free online--these videos beat them by a mile.

    User Rating:     

    Comment by Bala Palani - March 06 2013 @ 03:32 PM

    This dvd collection is great for beginners and novice anglers. Steve Gives detailed intro on the different types of euro nymphing techniques and flies to use. The fasinating thing in this video is Steve fishing all kind of water which I never ever thought it will hold fish, so I started targeting all the spots Steve showed in the video and had luck catching fish. After watching the Master Class I started using the spiral bi-sighter french leader for fishing shallow water, it was very easy to catch fish with it and easy to detect even a subtle strike. By & large great effort by steve and his team for putting this video together for people like me. The effective way for us to master these techinques will be by spending time in the water and applying all the scenarios showed in this video, really enjoyed it and learned a lot. I ahve improved myself from just fishing to more catching. Looking forward for more video's from this team. Thanks alot. Bala

    User Rating:     

    Comment by Ariel Levin - March 18 2013 @ 03:30 PM

    Both DVD complement the other. Czech Nymphing 101 gives you all the ground rules, from technique to flies, while the Master Class helps you understand the applications with examples on the water. I digested the two DVD's in one evening, went on the river the next day and experienced an increase in my catch rate, proving that the European method can make a difference in the right conditions. Steve Parrott delivers each lesson in language that is easy to understand, demonstrating the 'cast' as well as the 'set.' I thought I knew what the European casting method was all about... I only had 1/2 of the story. And the knee/shin pads... I love them! They allowed me to spend more time on the water without getting black and blue or sore knees, which allowed me to spend more time down low and out of sight. The quality both in production and information is clear and concise. Worth every cent! I have converted!!!!

    User Rating:     

    Tippet Rings - 2mm - 10 Pack
    Jan Siman BiColor Indicator Material
    RIO Euro Nymph Line - FIPS Approved
    brass beads.jpg
    Tungsten Beads - 50 pack
    $9.95 – $16.95
    Czech Nymphing Hi-Vis Indicator - Sighter