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Colorado Guide Flies - Pat Dorsey
Fly Fishing Tailwaters - Pat Dorsey - Signed Copies
Tying and Fishing Tailwater Flies - Pat Dorsey
Nymphing Strategies DVD with Pat Dorsey
101 Trout Tips: A Guide's Secrets, Tactics, and Techniques - Landon Mayer
Sight Fishing for Trout - Landon Mayer
Colorado's Best Fly Fishing Guide Book - Landon Mayer
Fools Paradise - John Gierach - Softcover
Trout Bum - 2013 - John Gierach
Sex, Death and Fly Fishing - John Gierach
Even Brook Trout get the Blues - John Gierach
Fly Fishing the High Country - John Gierach
At the Grave of the Unknown Fisherman - John Gierach
Dances with Trout - John Gierach
Death, Taxes and Leaky Waders - John Gierach
Good Flies - John Gierach
View from Rat Lake - John Gierach
Standing in a River Waving a Stick - Gierach
All Fisherman Are Liars - John Gierach
Fishing Bamboo - John Gierach
Where Trout Are As Long As Your Leg - John Gierach
Still Life with Brook Trout - John Gierach
Fly Fishing Small Streams - John Gierach
Trout Lessons: Freewheeling Tactics and Alternative Techniques for the Difficult Days - Ed Engle
Tying Small Flies - Ed Engle
Fishing Small Flies - Ed Engle
Fly Fishing the Big Horn River
Flyfisher's Guide to Colorado's Lost Lakes and Secret Places