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When out on the river for a day of fishing, the water flowing past your legs, casting your flies is one of life’s greatest joys. Placing yourself in danger by slipping and sliding is not. Wading boot are an important piece of gear, but often overlooked. At some point, every angler takes a spill, tweaks an ankle or has a frightening experience in the swift water. A quality pair of boots with the proper fit offers solid and comfortable footing and makes a day on the water safer and more enjoyable.

The bottom line with any wading boot is how much traction it offers. Most of the wading boots on the market today rely solely on felt to provide grip on slippery rocks in the river and have been considered the industry standard. In 2008, the Vibram Company partnered with Simms to produce the StreamTread rubber soles for wading boots. It is a rubber composite that offers seven times the durability of felt with comparable performance. This is a good option for the angler that hikes into remote locations or is a winter fisherman. The StreamTreadsole will take carbide studs that will bite down through moss and vegetation.

Wading boots take the most abuse of any piece of fishing gear used. Buy a boot that is triple stitched with a good quality nylon thread and soles that are stitched on not glued. Look for neoprene gusseted tongues, plenty of drainage holes, Cordura® style laces and a good quality StreamTread Vibram® Rubber sole. All will prolong the life of the boot.

Boots that are built with synthetic leathers such as Nubuck will absorb very little water and reduce the saturated weight of your boots while fishing. Make sure the lacing eyelets are of good quality and attached to the boot in a durable manner.

Boots with reinforced cuffs and stiff heel areas provide the security of a hiking boot in a wading shoe. Padding, rigid sidewall materials and ethyl-vinyl-acetate (EVA) mid-soles contribute to foot support as well.

CleanStream Design
ECO-CONSCIOUS DESIGN FOR RESPONSIBLE ANGLERS. Invasive species such as mud snails and didymo have become a growing threat to the health of trout populations and aquatic ecosystems throughout the world. And, unfortunately, anglers have played a part in the spread, unintentionally transporting them among different watersheds on their wading boots and other fishing gear. The problem is now well-known in the fishing community and Simms has taken the matter to heart.

The Simms CleanStream™ is a design philosophy that runs through their line of wading boots. It doesn’t refer to any specific product or feature. Rather, it describes a combination of features Simms employed to assist anglers in doing their part to prevent the spread of invasive species. Products with the Simms CleanStream™ design features materials that are more resistant to “hitchhiking” organisms and have less exposed stitching, fewer ridges and pockets that could potentially hide stowaways. In addition to making fishing gear easier to clean, Simms encourages all anglers to inspect and clean their gear after every outing to help prevent the spread of ANS.

Our fisheries are threatened by invasive creatures that damage habitat. Simple steps can be taken to reduce the spread and introduction of harmful invaders. Please join the Federation of Fly Fishers and countless dedicated anglers in the fight against invasives by taking the Clean Angling Pledge today. Learn More:



to inspect, clean, and dry my equipment to the best of my ability after every use.

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