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Choosing the right wader will not only protect you from the elements, but it will also make time spent on the water enjoyable, which in turn will make you more productive. So what do you want to look for when purchasing a pair of waders?   

Breathability Breathable waders have come a long way in a very short time and we can thank W.L. Gore and Associates for this. The average person during moderate outdoor activity will loose up to a pint of water per hour. This loss of moisture can make you feel damp and cause your body temperature to drop. Waders manufactured with breathable fabrics provide a superior one-way path that allows moisture to pass through the waders, reducing the chill on the body. The most efficient breathable material in the world is GORE-TEX fabric. With over nine billion microscopic pores per square inch, GORE-TEX prevents water from getting into the waders and allows water vapor to pass to the outside. GORE-TEX fabrics keep you dry, and that means more consistent temperatures hour after hour. Whether you are fishing in winter or summer, GORE-TEX breathable waders provide anglers with the highest standard of comfort available on the market today.

Construction A good pair of waders should be designed for real life fishing situations that involve encounters with razor-sharp hooks, thorn bushes and barbed wire fences. The occasional fly snagging your leg should not end your day. Striking a delicate balance between breatheability and durability, manufacturers have made waders with multiple layers of protection in the critical wear areas that provide the best abrasion resistance. Make sure to look for at least three-ply construction in the lower extremities with five ply being the best. This type of construction ensures that the waders will protect you from water and hooks alike. 

Fit Choosing a wader that fits properly will pay off at the end of a long fishing day. Uninhibited range of motion when hopping over rocks, kneeling to land a fish, or navigating your way through streamside vegetation reduces fatigue and increases safety. Look for waders with good articulation in the knee that allow more flexibility than a simple straight-leg design. Also, make sure the feet are left and right foot specific in the stocking-foot portion of the wader. This will reduce the bulk in your wading boot and make for a more comfortable fit. For our fly fishing gals, men’s waders just do not work. Fortunately, there are several manufacturers out there that make women specific waders that provide a more precise fit not to mention they have a more flattering fit. Waders that fit correctly should move with you like you favorite pair of pants. 

Features Great features on the water make waders stand above the rest. Suspenders that are easy to use, gravel guards that stay in place and keep gravel out of you boots, and pockets that increase the functionality of your waders are all important features to consider. The best waders on the market today are created from the input of guides, designers, field testers and fishermen like you, not just drawn up on a board and mass-produced.

Repairs and Warranty Issues Inevitably, all waders at some point develop a leak. How easy this is to find and repair can make the difference between a life-long customer and one that is searching for a better product. Almost all waders on the market come with a repair kit that allows you to make minor repairs. In the rare case that something more serious occurs like a tear or a mouse chews a hole in them, make sure that the manufacturer offers quick turnarounds for this type of repair. There is nothing worse than ripping your waders in a fall and having to wait six months to get them back from repair. If there is that rare manufacturing problem that sometimes does occur, make sure that the wader company has a comprehensive warranty that encompasses the life of the product. The best manufacturers will stand behind their products and guarantee quality with an outstanding warranty.