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Help Control the Spread of New Zeland Mud Snail
During a recent Division of Wildlife study, many myths were dispelled and three very viable options were proven. All options are do able in the "real world" fishing environment, will kill 100% of the mudsnails in 5 minutes, and will not cause undo wear on wading equipment.

Lab personnel and biologists might prefer the options that include using benzethonium chloride or copper sulfate; but for the average angler, the following is the most simple and cost effective technique.

Mix equal parts FORMULA 409 Disinfectant and Water then soak your gear for 5 minutes. Dunk gear in a bucket or put into a river runner's "dry" bag, shake, then let sit for 5 minutes. If these options are not available, spray equipment with a squirt bottle and keep wet for 5 minutes. Pay particular attention to the inside of wading boots, under laces, and inside tongue gussets. It takes everyone working together to overcome battles such as this.